close ups – art photography – by peter gartmann – kunstkalender für endress+hauser

close ups – kunstkalender für endress+hauser, reinach – peter gartmann, fotografie, basel – switzerland

A love of detail – close ups


Anyone who wants so survive in our industry has to have love of detail. After all, detail is often the deciding factor in whether a product or service convinces the customer and whether the customer is satisfied in the end.


Peter Gartmann has this love of detail. That’s why we have asked him to design the Endress+Hauser Art Calendar. Peter Gartmann gets close up to his images. He blanks out anything that distracts and focuses on the small things. So with his camera he succeeds in making structures visible which usually remain hidden to the normal eye.


Whether it is the uniformity with which components line up side by side, the shine of a polished surface, the precision with which tiny components are assembled, or even the clean symmetry of a mechanical construction – these pictures always radiate their own unique beauty… a beauty which is not so easily recognized at first glance.




weitere bilder – von peter gartmann – auf instagram


But we are not simply concerned with capturing the aesthetics of industrial manufacturing. The photographs in our calendar focus attention on the essential factor in our day-to-day production: consistently high, infinitely reproducible quality.


The photos in the calendar are to accompany us throughout the year. To remind us each day that it is worth taking a closer look. It is only by keeping an eye on the detail that can we appreciate the bigger picture – close ups.



Klaus Endress

President of the Supervisory Board of the Endress+Hauser Group




close ups – makro- und nahaufnahmen von peter gartmann für den kunstkalender von endress+hauser, reinach




weitere bilder von peter gartmann – fotografie – basel