art photography + text – by © peter gartmann



Time – years, centuries, millennia – our life is drawing to a close.


Happiness disappears as if it was a dream. A dream? Like a grain of sand blown away by the wind.


Humans can no longer understand themselves. They no longer sow, nor do they reap. They fly between skies and oceans. We humans disappear in the circle of time, until black flags blow on contaminated soil. The beauty of this world drowned in the abyss of endless litter.


The world is sinking into chaos. The only question is when. The apocalypse, the end of time and of the world, is the annihilation of mankind.


We don’t know how heaven and earth are supposed to be created anew. The destruction is a divine plan until the end of the history of the world, the final judgement, and the creation of a new era without human beings. Nature will live on without us.


The apocalypse – the end of time – terrifyingly announces the end of the days of mankind. It will encompass our whole world. Mankind in all of the history of mankind with its crazy Babylonian visions and actions, in the final war between good and evil, light and darkness, floating towards a horrible end.






When the snow falls – EN NOIR – ET BLANC

art photography + text – by © peter gartmann


When the snow falls.

Pictures from a diary, happening by chance.

A small clipping of the big picture.


Whatever forms the basis of the phenomena in our atmosphere – they remind me of stories in a thunderstorm ambiance.

I don’t know if it was actually snowing.



EN NOIR – ET BLANC – magic, water, mountains, or black rock faces – contrasts just like light and darkness or life and death. Their common denominator is the demand for the radical, also the expression of limits and protest. It has been dark for a long time… the windows are foggy and you’re asleep. The world behind glass. The sky dark. Us in the middle inside.


Through the day into the night – see the light to be free – for eternity.






When the day blackens

art photography + text – by © peter gartmann


When light turns dark,

when the day blackens,

dark and pale contours seem to vibrate;

a veil of secrecy shrouds it all.



Most of the time in our lives, we move through thick fogs.

There are signposts, but who put them there?

Someone who really knows or just pretends to know the way?

Or could it be that we put them up ourselves?


We create demons for ourselves. The demons are in our thoughts, our dreams, our fantasies. They are traces of our consciousness. Thoughts we cannot explain.


At the end, we’re alone. It seems as if we humans divest ourselves of the colourful, resplendent rainbow of life.


I’m not quite sure how the pictures come about, and why they are what they are.

It happens just as if I had not contributed anything or even been there. They are so close to me, but so extrinsic as well.


Many people have someone else inside of them, and are not aware of it.





art book – peter walther gartmann – imprint


published by:  Antoinette Blanc

artworks – photography: Peter Walther Gartmann

editorship:  Sabina Roth

design:  Susanne Minder

copyright:  © Peter Walther Gartmann





das ende der zeit – art photography – by peter gartmann – art picture collection susanne minder


wenn der schnee fällt – art photography – by peter gartmann – art picture collection susanne minder


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